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Using Not Yet Built alongside PAF data helps you to identify and deliver services and goods to the addresses that are still at the planning and construction stage.

With over a million homes in the pipeline scheduled to be built, and over 170,000 built last year, this is a continually growing dataset.

There’s nothing worse for a customer than to buy a new build property and not have their address shown in the address validation drop-down options. They will either stop searching, or even worse, go to one of your competitors.

By using the Royal Mail’s Not Yet Built data in PredictiveAddress, you can ensure you have a head start over your competition – perfect if you are trying to get a sofa or fridge freezer ordered and delivered to the new address!


It's a simple data file that gives you a competitive edge.

How does it work?

The Not Yet Built Address file is managed and updated by the Royal Mail, working closely with all the UK’s local authorities to plan out street names and addresses and ensure that they have postcodes. Once the local postman confirms the new property can receive new mail, it is transferred over to PAF, ensuring it remains the UK’s most up to date source of addresses.

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How big is the Not Yet Built File?

Royal Mail Not Yet Built database has over 500,000 records and assigns over 26,000 new postcodes each year to more than 100,000  new properties.

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