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Quickly format user addresses 

Accurate Data

Obtain accurate information from point of capture

Improve Deliverability Results

Improve your delivery rates to up to 92%


Simply type in a postcode in the field below and click 'find' to populate the full address on the left.

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Postcode Lookup Features

Data8's Postcode Lookup verifies an address at the point of capture. By simply typing a postcode and selecting the relevant address from the dropdown list provided, the users address fields will populate automatically, formatted to a Royal Mail postal standard.

Image of Postcode Lookup

How Postcode Lookup Works

When the user types out a valid UK postcode a selection of valid UK address will appear in real-time via a dropdown list that is sourced from the Royal Mails PAF datasource which we update daily. This ensure that the address data is accurate and valid.

Price Plan

Check out our price plan for Postcode Lookup.

Volume Cost Per Lookup Total
1,000 £0.06 £60
10,000 £0.05 £500
25,000 £0.04 £1,000

All lookups purchased are valid for 12 months

For bespoke deals, please contact the Sales team on 0151 355 4555 or arrange a call back here



High quality data


By instantly predicting and validating each field, you capture complete, accurate and deliverable addresses across all systems – from external ePOS forms to internal CRM software.

Increased conversions


Storing complete, high quality address data improves business intelligence, increases deliverability and enhances the response rate from sales and marketing efforts.

Reduced keystrokes


Just like predictive text, predictive address uses intelligent type-ahead technology to reduce address entry time by up to 80-percent – all without compromising on quality.

Easy Integration


Designed with you in mind, our address lookup services are quick and easy to use, allowing you to capture valid address data in real-time, all via a single, seamlessly integrated API.

Secure & Resilient


We are fully ISO27001:2013 certified so you can be confident that your data is safe and secure backed by high availability, highly resilient infrastructure

Enhanced satisfaction


Easier website usability, faster checkouts, minimized friction – what more could your customers want? Address validation can cut cart abandonments and boost your reputation.

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