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Did you know half the world population uses email, but around 20% of addresses are entered incorrectly? Our instant Email Validation service allows you to capture accurate email addresses at the point of entry, 24-7.

Our services can be installed and integrated into your web form and internal systems quickly and easily, all with a simple email verification API.

How does it work?

How does Email Validation work?

Most email validation solutions only check the structure of an email address, simply verifying if there’s an @ symbol with characters either side. With market-leading technology, our Email Validation service goes much further.

We look beyond syntax; checking for typos, fuzzy logic and spelling mistakes in both the username and domain parts of the address. We also verify if it currently accepts messages, all at point of entry, allowing you to only capture email address data that are genuine and deliverable.

By intelligently predicting what part of the address is incorrect, we suggest clickable corrections to help you save time, improve UX and reduce form abandonments.

Benefits of using Email Validation

There's a whole raft of benefits to having email validation including:


Increase delivery rates

Verifying email addresses in real time increases the deliverability of your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts, resulting in higher response rates and conversions.

Improved sender reputation

Capturing accurate email addresses reduces hard bounces and prevents future emails being blocked. This helps maintain a positive sender reputation – essential to email marketing.

Enhanced business intelligence

By only sending marketing material to real customers with real email addresses, you gain more accurate stats and therefore a more valuable customer insight for future strategies.

Unsurpassed customer service

In many cases, customer relationships start with gaining an email address, so by validating it in real time, you’re able to continue communication and support without disruption.

Save money

Through maintaining a clean and accurate email database of customers, you reduce CRM costs for unnecessary contacts and cut marketing expenses for undeliverable material.

Increased conversions

Without validation at point of entry, you risk capturing mistyped email data, jeopardising any future communication and therefore losing a prospective customer from the offset.

Easily integrate with a number of platforms

Our Email Validation service is available across a wide range of platforms including:

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Don't see your platform in the featured list above?

Simple Per-Lookup Pricing

We have a wide range of pricing options to suit your business needs


1,000 lookups




10,000 lookups




25,000 lookups




Let's chat about your email validation needs so that we can create a package.


Why not try email validation demo for yourself!

Simply enter an email address and see what information is retrieved. You can even make a simple error - check what suggestion comes back.

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If you like what you're seeing, why not see how it will work for your business

Add Email Validation credits to your account or top-up existing credits
Data8 Unify
Data8 Unify

This service is available as part of Data8 Unify

With Data8 Unify, use a single credit pack to access our key validation services, eliminating the need to purchase separate credits for Address, Phone, email and Bank Validation. Data8 Unify Packs can be used across all Integrations, regardless of whether you use our services in a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, web forms, e-commerce platform or via an API.

Quickly add Email Validation to your existing web pages with just a few lines of code! Get started in minutes with our jQuery Validate plugin, or get full control in your desktop apps with our powerful API.

Full documentation and support is included to get you up and running in minutes!

<input id="email" />
<script type="text/javascript">
  rules: {
    email: {
      required: "Email address is required",
      d8val_email: "Invalid email address"

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