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Every business has duplicate data within their databases, but having large volumes is costly and damaging to your brand. Our automated deduplication tool, Duplicare™ was designed exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to dedupe, merge, and standardise multiple records all at once.

With advanced data matching, quick & seamless merging, and automatic real-time deduplication; this flagship dedupe product eliminates and prevent duplications with more accuracy and control than other products on the market. 

By using Duplicare™, you'll achieve high quality databases with a more accurate view of all records increasing user adoption. Providing a clearer insight into sales and your demographic statistics, and protecting your brand reputation.

Exclusive Duplicare™ Features for Microsoft Dynamics

Duplicare™ proves to add value to unhealthy and unorganised databases; restoring unmatched data quality that had previously been lost through neglect and disorder.



Combine multiple records simultaneously, merging any field to create an accurate master record without losing information.

Remember this record

This Data8 exclusive feature allows you to locate and merge two or more user-selected records, allowing you to tidy up your database quickly as you go.

Own matching rules

Using our simple UI, you can create your own set of matching rules to cater for your exact requirements and enable single-click removal of duplicates.

Advanced fuzzy logic

With market-leading technology, Duplicare looks beyond clear matches; detecting possible variations in spelling to ensure no duplicates are missed.

Additional Duplicare Features

A cross entity search with configurable fuzzy logic to find records efficiently and prevent duplicates being entered. 

If specific records are detected as potential matches, but are not duplicates, create an exclusion rule to prevent them from being detected in any future dedupe runs. 

Based on predefined, customisable rules, merge any number of records of any entity with one click.

Based on pre-built rules, you can set batch dedupes to take place hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Plus, multiple schedules can be set up on specific entities.

Choose whether to carry out the merge automatically based on pre-set rules, or whether you'd like to do it manually using our simple multi-merge interface.

Automatically amend phone numbers into your preferred format (international or national formatting), to ensure consistency throughout your database and increasing the chance of duplicates being detected.

Automatically modify addresses into a consistent format, filling out missing fields to provide more accurate data and ensure higher chances of detecting duplicates.

Duplicare Introduction
For more videos and how to demonstrations,
head over to our YouTube channel here.

Duplicare Benefits

Fully Customisable Rules

Fully Customisable Rules

Duplicare's simple navigation and interface makes it quick and easy to create custom matching rules dependent on your business needs to capture duplicate records.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Designed with the customer in mind, Duplicare is downloadable from Microsoft AppSource, and is easily integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CE, reducing setup time and development costs.

Single Customer View

Single Customer View

Eliminating all variations of multiple customer records collected, Duplicare provides a clean, accurate and up to date database with a single customer view for every contact.

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

Cut down time and reduce spending money contacting the same customers multiple times, whilst enhancing customer satisfaction and improving your brand reputation; by deduping your database. 



Data8 was presented with the Queen's Award for Enterprise and Innovation in recognition of Duplicare, our deduplication CRM product for Microsoft Dataverse and Dynamics 365. 

We are only one of a few organisations who have been recognised for this prestigious honour. This award celebrates business successes, leading the way with pioneering products or services.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we acknowledged that large numbers of duplicates in CRM systems can be costly and have an adverse effect on a businesses brand. So, our amazing technical team developed Duplicare, a unique product designed to dedupe, merge, and standardise multiple records simultaneously.

Ready to get Started?

Here's how you can get Duplicare!

There are two ways you can get started with Duplicare™.

Download straight from Microsoft AppSource or book a consultation/demo to find out more on how Duplicare™ can help you.

Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft AppSource

You can download Duplicare straight from the Microsoft AppSource for a 14 day free trial!

There are no upfront fees or credit card details required. We also offer a dedicated data specialist to help you every step of the way throughout your Duplicare trial.

A Data8 online account will be created automatically when you download the AppSource file. Please ensure you verify your details when you receive a confirmation email from us and login to your Data8 Online dashboard to obtain your trial license key and set up your CRM connection.

Book a Consultation or Demo

Book a Consultation or Demo

Book a 30 minute demo with one of our Data Quality Experts. The consultation will include:

  • Understanding your Data Quality challenges
  • A Tour of Duplicare™ and how it can benefit you
  • Guidance on getting started with Duplicare™ should you wish to carry out a free trial

This is a no-obligation consultation with the option start a free trial of the service should you wish to explore all the features and benefits for yourself.